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Demoralizing Presence and Intimidation Aura

AuthorDemoralizing Presence and Intimidation Aura
They don't stack.


Is this intended?

When Behemoth is next to Knight's troops, they have -3 morale from Intimidation Aura, not -4 (-1 from Demoralizing Presence of Necro's Dragon)
Intimidation aura:
All enemies adjacent to this creature have -3 morale. Does not affect 'Undead', 'Elemental', 'Mechanical' creatures and creatures with 'Bravery'.

I believe that intimidation aura is supposed to set morale of -3 instead of reducing it by 3. And with demoralising presence, the morale had been reduced by 1 already and then intimidation aura came into play. That's why the troops have -3 instead of -4.
But definitely there is no clear documentation of how abilities stack up or order of execution of abilities.
Had the order been intimidation aura first and then demoralizing presence it would make sense to have it as -4
for Blindspot:
It is my understanding that Intimidation Aura subtracts 3 from current morale and does not set it to -3. I'll try to find some combats to support the same. Regardless, the description does seem to be ambiguous.

So if troop has 2 morale, around a unit with Intimidation Aura it should be -1.
If troop has 3 morale, around unit with Intimidation Aura it should be 0.
for Blindspot:


Titans have 3 Morale
Punishers have 4 Morale

Around Intimidation Aura of Warlords, Titans and Punishers have 0 and 1 Morale respectively.
Hi there,

It isn't that the effects aren't stacking correctly, but that in a 6 way battle, field wide effects don't work the way you expect.

Think of the battlefield between 6 players as split in half horizontally into teams (the top team and the bottom team). A field spell from a member of the top team will not affect others on the top, and field effects from the bottom team do not affect those on the bottom. That is why in the original battle, none of the armies along the bottom (same "side" as the necromancer) are affected by the -1 morale at any point in the battle.

The same thing can be observed here where the dwarf along top of the screen is not affected, but others are: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1209216220&html5=1

And here where demons is not affected, but those along the top side of the screen are: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1209532392&html5=1

This is likely to create balance in 6 way battles, so that if 5 necromancers happen to join the battle, one person gets unfairly blasted by -5 morale.

So, the issue isn't stacking, it's that free for all rules are weird.
for Misself:
"So, the issue isn't stacking, it's that free for all rules are weird"

This floats my boat.

Below statement does not float my boat,
"This is likely to create balance in 6 way battles, so that if 5 necromancers happen to join the battle, one person gets unfairly blasted by -5 morale."

I haven't faced 2+ Necros, I would assume Demoralizing Presence should not stack just like Intimidation Aura does not stack. Weird implementation or just an oversight?
After I wrote my message, I thought about it a little bit longer and agree that it probably isn't for balance reasons. Likely a weird implementation, but who knows - a question for the admins who can see into the matrix.

I'll be honest, I tried to find a 6 person battle with more than 1 necromancer and it was surprisingly difficult.

It's worth noting that the 6 way free for alls were added later in the game development, as originally the most you could have was a 4v4. When creating the format they may have recycled some of the code by mistake, as at the time field effects like the shadow dragons weren't really a thing, so wouldn't have been tested.

Hopefully a member of the admin team chimes in - as it's all speculation.
intimidation aura only subtracts 3 from current morale. if they have 5 morale after intimidation aura it will be 2. not -3 like stated above

now if they have 5 morale, -1 from demor presence so they have 4, then intim aura they will have 1 morale
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