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OG is 55 today

AuthorOG is 55 today
That's right, the OG(original gamer) turned 55 today. Will you be cool enough to be gaming when you are an old man like me? Na, you'll never be as cool as I am so just forget it.

I know Gene Chum is in his 60s. Anyone know someone older than him?
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday young man! Many more years to come
Happy Birthday!!

I think Lord Tyrannus is in his 60's aswel :d
Happy Birthday! Without you streets will never be safe. Kids would always hide in the basements and infected monsters would roam the world.

Stay thirsty my friend. Kill them all! For the childern!

PS. Check your gear. Always have flamethrower and hazmat in top condition.

Don't celebrate too much. Your work is never done.
Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!
for Modi:
Happy Little-Bit-Late Birthday! :)
Thanks dudes!

for mellor: I got new gear for my bday. My old lady knows I have to kill the diseased scum. It's my moral obligation. ))
I'll drink a pint today on your Bday aswel Modi! Legends were born in Januari! Cheers
Belated Happy birthday. sorry for the late wish :)
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