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Events favoring wizards or magic heroes

AuthorEvents favoring wizards or magic heroes
Not sure if it is only me but I have rarely used wizards or chaos magic heroes in any events. Wonder if there could be some special events that favor wizards or chaos magic heroes. For example, an event where all the physical damages will be halved due to some magic around a wild land, or something.

Magic heroes have been a major faction in all HMM series. Sad to see they are not as good as mighty ones here.
I kinda agree with this. would be cool to play as wizzy or magic elf in event for a change.
No. I don't want to be forced to buy mage arts.
Yeah I think for most players buying mage arts for the event would lead to too many complaints, it would be nice if they set something up where it was like the insight tournament, you get given stats
Maybe but as much as mages will hate this it kind of sucks the skill out of it a bit. Mage PVE isn't rocket science.
I think it is done like this because LWM AI is not good with mages and admins relay on it to balance enemies in events.
Rocket science mage pve: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1215188100&html5=1&show_for_all=Ldcb4a1622f
for The Economist:
Not all of us have that kind of option available xD
Eh it's a nice fight but ultimately it's 3 moves: wasp, raise and summon elemental. Skillful ATB management for sure but it's not on the same level as the best might battles.
It would be cool if they added

"All Wizard characters also have an increase to the damage they deal with spells to neutral creatures at hunt and on Mercenaries' Guild errands"

To events too
For my lvl it would be cool don't know if higher that would be op or not don't know
But as a blue wizard main I hate when I have to switch to battlewize and buy separate set of arts just to be able to complete events cuz I tried with full set blue mage and it's just traash
The ideal would be no matter if you are might or cheos caster you both should be viable at events
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