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Paired tournament ++

AuthorPaired tournament ++
Without a doubt, the triumph of the recently returned military expedition is undeniable. But before the cries of joy had even subsided, they began to be drowned out by the newly ignited arguments of supporters and opponents of scientific progress. Where is the line of permissible? And is it at all necessary to limit progress to ephemeral boundaries? The eternal meaningless chatter, behind which the really important things are sometimes forgotten. Heroic deeds and glorious victories - that is what deserves to be on everyone's lips! The pages of history will definitely not forget them, but the real heroes are worthy of honors here and now! And therefore, in honor of the recent triumph, to make future memories of it even more vivid, the Empire announces the start of a grand tournament! The most progressive of all, if that's any help in settling idle arguments...

Brave Lords and Ladies! The main tournament arena of the Empire is preparing for a new grand spectacle! Do not miss the opportunity to take part in an exciting competition called Paired Tournament ++!Challenge the arena - and fight as part of a pre-assembled or random pair with magical copies of a pair of your opponents, while they face off against copies of yourself. Win by earning Tactics Guild points and tournament points. To succeed, you'll need to show not only your combat skills and coordinated coordination, but also your calculated wisdom.

Tournament feature: the battles will be held in the format of 2 Lords/ Ladies against 2 magic copies of another pair of Lords/Ladies in two classifications (random and pre-arranged) as well as every win will be rewarded with gold;

 - 20 victories, with a win rate of 90% or higher;

 - 20 victories, with a win rate of 80% or higher;

 - 20 victories, with any win rate;

Furthermore, you will earn one creature armament for each win in the tournament. The additional gift will be rewarded for 5, 8, 12, 15, 20 and 30 wins:

for 5 wins
for 8 wins
for 12 wins
for 15 wins
for 20 wins
for 30 wins

The effects of elixirs do not apply to battles in PvP Tournaments, CommandersТ Guild, Survival Tournaments or text quests. The elixirs must be used before April 1st, 2022.

Furthermore, during the 21st Paired Tournament ++ you can earn parts of the Magma Shield:

For 1 win - 1 part.
For 3 wins - 2 parts.
For 10 wins - 4 parts.
For 16 wins - 8 parts.

Bronze achievement - 10 parts.
Silver achievement - 12 parts.
Gold achievement - 15 parts.

Parts for victories will be awarded during the tournament, and victories in both classes are counted. Parts for cups will be given during the awarding, Lord and Ladies can be awarded parts only for one best cup. In total, the maximum possible number of parts of the Magma Shield that can be earned for the tournament is 30.

Attention! The tournament will draft players for the random and pre-arranged classification at different times. From the :00 to :10 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the random pairing classification. From the :30 to :40 minute period of each hour, you can sign up to the pre-arranged team classification. Thus, it is no longer possible for a pre-arranged team pairing to come up against a random pairing in the tournament!

Important! There is no limit to the number of defeats in this tournament format, and every Lord or Lady can earn an achievement! The award goes to those who achieve the required number of victories in as many attempts as they want.

It is important to note - there are no entrance fees in this tournament!

Let the best coordinated team win!
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