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How is it possible?

AuthorHow is it possible?
I stumbled across this account (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7696765) and was wondering how he has so much money so i checked his transferlog and noticed something questionable.


how can he acquired an item for 300k only 1 1/2 hour after registration with any hint of transfer of money nor roulette?

nothing wrong. he is big donater. like in the 10's of thousands or even hundreds maybe at this point
if you look at the roulette tab, chest of abundance loot you will see he has opened like 8 rare items almost in a row.. dude has been opening chests for last 12 hours straight. you get a chest for every 10 diamonds you donate so opening chests for 12 hours.. you can guess how many diamonds he bought, and diamonds can be changed to 5000 gold per diamond, which is where you see his gold come from
But if I remember correctly than the diamond exchange should be in the transferlist.
if you donate 1000+diamonds you can hide it, i use such option myself
Oh okay thank you. I'm just a low spender and didnt know such an option exists. thank you
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