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for diversecity: Yes, the math is very simple. I simply dit not read the warning message for the second or eighth time. After reading the message first, I thought it will be 500 gold per click and clicked it several more times to have some "cheap" (exp wise) HG points. Found out only here in the forum, because I was not able to feed the mammoths any longer (got "only" 80k gold left on my account) and read the warning message again.

I do not argue about myself not being careful enough (or even stupid). Just feel that I paid a little too much for one small mistake.
krovak: Hey sorry my comment wasn't in response to yours. I was just agreeing with Layton & mellor's thinking. It's one thing to say the "admins are draining gold" and another to show how ludicrous it gets with numbers.

I totally would have made the same mistake as you if I had the gold :)
I did the mistake of not reading the price increase but luckily I stopped after 3rd click to see my gold dropping quickly. Very bad approach by admins to trick players into draining their gold
Same here. Lost 60k, good thing I noticed after that..
255k here. Would easily be 10 million, as I simply stopped clicking only after I saw the number of mammoths is no longer raising. Then I realized the horror :(
How much did it cost him to get potential golden badge?
2022-02-03 02:23: Великий_маг777[14] vs Mammoths (17)
for Elrond: if he started feeding with base number of Mammoths = 7, it must have cost him:

500 (8)
+ 1000 (9)
+ 2000 (10)
+ 4000 (11)
+ 8000(12)
+ 16000 (13)
+ 32000 (14)
+64000 (15)
+ 128000 (16)
+ 256000 (17) = total 511500 gold.
I wonder if it was also by mistake. He does not seem to be a passionate hunter. This is his only hunter achievent :(
I'd be surprised if somebody intentionally pays 1.5m to kill 18
its kinda funny, you feed them stuff to prevent them from going exctinct. Their friends come, you kill all of them thus making them go excinct faster.

Those are big tactics right here
for krovak:
Thanks :)
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