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Leader's Guild Offer!

AuthorLeader's Guild Offer!
Dear Lords and Ladies,

Announcing the special offer! Starting today and through February 14, buy Diamonds and get +10% for free.

You will receive a Battleplate of sun once as a bonus if your total donation during the offer exceed 25 diamonds!

You will receive one more artefact once - Clover of fortune if your total donation during the offer exceed 100 diamonds.

Unique artifacts have the same status as shop artifacts and their parameters depend on Lord or Lady combat level!

Also, for every 125 diamonds you get a random 10,000 leadership points epic creature stack missing from your collection (no more than 3 stack) as a gift!

You will receive up to 10 Golden scrolls of calling for each 50 donated diamonds.

Golden scroll of calling

This scroll allows you to call a stack of followers for the Leaders' Guild with 10,000 leadership. Chance to call an epic stack is 5%

This and the other two scrolls are always available in the Artifact Shop in the "Other" section.

Proceed to donation!
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