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ATB turn indicator

AuthorATB turn indicator
It would be nice to see turn positions on the ATB scale. For example, abilities like hypnosis can be heavily reliant on seeing exactly where 0.3 turns ends on the ATB scale. I am not 100% sure on how it could be implemented, but perhaps holding your cursor between two creature/hero ATB tiles will show how many turns away it is from the current moment in battle (such as .8 or 1.3, etc). This would help in knowing if an ability like hypnosis, bless, rapid, poison, etc will end before or after a creature's turn.

I understand that you can do some guess work based on relative positions of heroes in battle with stable 10 Initiative, but I think there could be improvement to the current system, which would allow for more precise spell/effect work. The best example I can come up with here is hypnosis, but I can see it being helpful for a myriad of things as the ATB scale is constantly adjusting based on talents, morale, hero initiative increases, and more.
To clarify, each spell or effect would not have it's own indicator on the ATB scale for this idea. That would overly complicate things. It's just being able to tell precisely how many turns from the current.

Hovering on a creature or between creatures (whichever makes more sense) would display its ATB position.
better yet remove hypnosis and dark demons from the game :)
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