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Barbarian's Strength!


AuthorBarbarian's Strength!
Event out guys. Good luck!
FSP goes to active faction or to barbarian ?
144 attempts this time. The admins are jerks. :P
FSP goes to active faction or to barbarian

To barbarian
goes to barb.

i like this event over elf as you have 3 classes of options with buff debuffs and dps options unlike the elf event where certain units were just terrible like efk over brethren or sprites over dryads or even gmb over sharps in most battles
Any suggestions on equip full arts and also attack the weakest enemies first ?
144 attempts this time.
The same was in the past in such kind of the event if I remember well
Barbarian: 9 (5186.12) +113.9
This should be fun.
Any suggestions on equip full arts and also attack the weakest enemies first ?

Never attack weak one. Always go for strongest.
You rank depends on army strenght.

If you playing casually and doesnt care abt rank, then u can play any difficulty
Im still trying at lv 1 what i should do ?
What troops are you using?
Hobgoblins orcs chiefs fire rocs and boar ridera and ogre chiefs
swap between hobs and goblin archers as needed, i only use wolf raiders as triple strike as fury barb is OP. majority of fights i went orc tyrants and 1 fight orc shamans, i only used ogre shamans as disrupt ray is too strong. and the bird doesnt matter but i used dark roc as it has highest innitiative to transport units and has debuffs on attack

heres an example of how to play it
are all batle winable with your army strength?
last time castles were kicking ass with towers
for slayerofall:

I see that you have the Stunning blow ability, but I don't. Any idea why?

i also have it, i thought it was part of it. the stunning blow comes from basic barb right?
Maybe it comes after building barb castle's building
only reason is maybe you dont have the castle built for stunning blow/cleaving strike?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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