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AuthorEmpire Defender Day!
The Empire owes much to its loyal defenders. It is thanks to their resilience and courage that it was able to defend its right to exist in this world, even in the darkest moments of its history, when it seemed that there was no hope. However, along with military valor, the defenders of the Empire possess a sense of mercy. More than once they have been able to find the strength to forgive their enemies of yesterday, who bravely fought them on the battlefield, allowing them to share with them what is truly precious and worth fighting for - home, family, and native lands.

Lord and Ladies, we congratulate you all on a glorious holiday – Empire Defender Day! According to tradition in the Empire, it is customary to celebrate this day with a shield in hand to guard its northern borders against the incursions of demon-possessed spirits of the fallen warriors of the ancient horde. Therefore, the guards of the frontier once again call on all Lords and Ladies from combat level 3 to arrive in one of the following areas: Peaceful Camp, Eagle's Nest, Sunny City, Crystal Garden, Fairy Trees or Ungovernable Steppe – and help restrain enemy attacks made every 10 minutes. You can face the enemy only if you have fully trained units and the army is as ready as possible. The number of battles on the border is limited to 23. For a successfully repelled attack you will receive one of the gift cards as a trophy, which you can keep or give to any male character. Gift pictures will remain in your character information until the end of February. And to maintain general combat readiness, all of the Empire’s taverns will be handing out free recovery drinks.

In addition, so that none of the gift cards earned will go to waste, the Hunters Guild will charge +0.25 points to their guild for each gifted card (not more than 20 HG points in total).

Happy Holidays! Let’s show the enemy the power of the true defenders of our native lands!
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