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15th Anniversary!

Author15th Anniversary!
Dear Lords and Ladies! Our adventure together has been going on for many years - and it has finally reached the 15-year mark. We are grateful to those who decided to share this long and fascinating journey with us. To those who have been with us since the beginning, and to those who have joined just recently. And even to those who, for one reason or another, have decided to abandon the path. But no matter what, our story will go on, and all newcomers and returnees, regardless of their place of residence, culture or beliefs, are welcome in our ranks. The lands of the Empire are open to all who are willing to show mutual respect for one another and compete only in the intellectual and tactical combats. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, there will be no celebration to mark this anniversary, so as not to distract many of you from more significant matters. Once again we thank all of you who are still with us and, as a small distraction, we invite you to compete in the noble art of hunting.

Stay tuned for more updates and stay with us - there's plenty more to see and do!

The rules of the hunting season:
All Lords and Ladies from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate;
- Allowed ammunition for the first three difficulty levels - shop artifacts, enchantments do not work;
- There are no restrictions on ammunition and enchants for the 4th difficulty level;
- Battles are held in the format of the Lord/Lady with his army, against a group of neutral creatures;
- The faction ability for the wizard faction does not work;
- The hunter is given a map with marked targets of varying difficulty. The goals are the same for all Lords and Ladies of the same combat level, faction and class;
- On the first day, you can fight the first 10 targets, in any order. Every next day, 10 more targets will become available. In order to attack the targets of the new day, you need to defeat all those of the previous day. A total of 60 targets will be available;
- For the successful elimination of targets, you can get Hunters Guild points, creature artifacts, hunter artifacts and gold;
- The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward and the more points the Lord/Lady will receive. The reward for one target is not cumulative. Passing weaker difficulties will reduce the reward for stronger ones;
- Important! The 4th difficulty level for each target is intended for fighting in artifacts without restrictions. The number of points for this level of difficulty does not differ from the number of points for the 3rd level of difficulty; If you beat the 3rd difficulty level, then the 4th one will be unavailable and vice versa;
- The hunting season will last only 10 days, until March 10 inclusive;
- Lords and Ladies who eliminate 50 targets will be awarded the blessing of Abu-Bakir for 15 days.

Each Lord/Lady's personal progress will be additionally rewarded with parts of the Magma Shield:
for 10 points: +1 part;
for 20 points: +2 parts;
for 30 points: +3 parts;
for 40 points: +4 parts;
for 50 points: +5 parts;
for 60 points: +7 parts;
for 80 points: +8 parts;

and parts of Imperial Arbalest:
for 50 points: +20 parts;

All Lords and Ladies who score more than 15 points will receive a trophy forest artifact and a corresponding achievement in their character information, the strength of which will depend on the points scored. There will be only rewards listed in this announcement.

Peaceful skies above your head!
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