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Cowardice not working properly

AuthorCowardice not working properly
Sometimes cowardice is not working properly for tribal goblins in Hunting Season event.


I tried to move away 1.98k goblins by using 1 berserker with rune of agility but the goblins just retaliated even when they had space to run away.
I've been told there was an update in the last year which changed this behavior. You need to damage 1% or 0.1% of a stack's total hp for cowardice to apply.
they updated cowardice ability to prevent instances of extreme abuse. you should reread the ability carefully and you will have your answer.
Oh, they changed the ability. Thanks for the info. Closing this as this is not a bug then.
closed by Blindspot (2022-03-10 05:25:54)
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