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Hunter's reward!

AuthorHunter's reward!
What can please the heart of a true Lord or Lady more than another challenge worthy of his or her attention? A real challenge for his or her skills and craftsmanship, where sometimes it may even seem that the limit of possibilities has been reached - and the goal is impossible, but the solution nevertheless comes at the most important moment. The only thing better than such moments can be a worthy reward for another achievement, and even this is not always enough. Fortunately, the hunting seasons in the lands of the Empire are always ready to provide both - whatever the Lord or Ladies heart desires.

Lords and Ladies, the allotted time for the hunting season is over - and it is officially closed! The Hunter's Guild would like to thank all those who participated in this glorious competition and demonstrated their skills with dignity. Everyone who scored at least 15 points is awarded a trophy artifact of the forest and a corresponding unique achievement. The durability of the artifact depends on the number of points scored.

Hail to the best hunters in the Empire!
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