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Treasure hunt


AuthorTreasure hunt
Hopefully it'll be fun.
waiting for the news :)
yuck.. more shit arts to clog inventory....
for slayerofall:
yuck.. more shit arts to clog inventory....

noticed... :(
Also these 1min traveling is just a waste of time...
Nice WG points , with some good drops and it is 36 sec travel for me :)
what exactly are we doing just fight and traveling?
for grif:
.... and it is 36 sec travel for me :)

I guess it's time to eat a Bun myself :D
and i just fought the beaver :/
fkin fun... 1.5k fire elementals and im playing tribal... LMAO
If i knew they give part in bulk, i wont bough it to complete the helmet :(
I'm sure this is a filler event in hope that things settle down, attempting not to leave those under duress behind. It's a fair play.
It's all fun and games until you meet azure dragons.
They had dragon Raid?! 100% lose from that
how many total round it has ??
Usually we had 10 or 12 per day?
Are we getting free arts for this event?
16 attempts a day for 3 days. Lasts till March 17
Maybe adventure set or only medal in our profile
Reward will be just as mentioned in news
Please remove "rare artifacts with reduce durability" reward.
It's such a useless reward !
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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