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Treasure hunt

AuthorTreasure hunt
Dear Lords and Ladies!

Lords and Ladies, ancient nomads were seen in the Empire's taverns. They share stories about their glorious campaigns, great victories, mysterious treasures and secret places where they are stored. And anyone can check the veracity of these stories!

All Lords and Ladies from the 3rd combat level can take part! in the treasure hunt!

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt:

1) To participate in the search you must purchase a treasure map for 100 gold;
2) You can join the challenge up to 16 times per day, unused challenges stack up and may be used on later days;
3) Admitted ammunition: only shop artifacts are allowed, enchanted artifacts have no effect.
4) The battles take place in the format Empire's Lord or Lady vs treasure guards;
5) Your victories can be rewarded by gold, creature armaments, rare artifacts with reduced durability, diamonds, chests of abundance, shop artifacts corresponding to the Lord or Lady combat level;
6) For each victory, the Lords and Lady will receive +0.5 Watcher's Guild points and one piece of a special artifact - Magma Shield or Magma Helmet;
7) The event will last 3 days until March 17th inclusive

We wish you more victories!
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