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Event out guys.
Clan event. Good luck.
20/21 not bad for first day :)
Event is fun so far. Are you guys going for a holy magician Khalifa or a might/shooter build?
Does it reward gold in the end as well, to justify the cost of arts?
It rewards it now at the of battle
Feels extremely hard even with full arts, will give it another go. I am playing as fury barb
this is theif ambush format. fury barb isnt the greatest at this mode. play classic shooter barb if you only have barbarian. else elf/dark elf is the way to go in this event
Thanks mate, classic barb did the trick
How can I attack the enemies on the bottom (the one with the enhanced reward)?
by wearing non shop arts and/or enchanted weapons/armors. top 2 is shop arts, bttom 2 is ffa(free for all) meaning no restrictions on arts. later on like 70+ will be impossible for shop arts and like 90+ will be impossible for anything other then enchanted full imperial/heaven/dark sets.
I see. Thank you so much!
for Happy_orc:
Furry barb as bad as demon on this event. Original barbarian is better. You need army that can attack before enemy, no retail or multi attack
I would suggest dark elf and knight for this
for edreine dince when has kight no retal or multi atack ?
Seems like enemy luck/morale is maxed out on every level.
Easy first day with elf. Waited every battle with Khalifa. Ended up with 12.2 initiative and the shielded ability. IDK how she got shielded. She only got hit once today and it was by a melee attack (Trasher).
what does the recruit count ?
For Dark Snow: increases troops in your army for event battles
if you have 10% recruit count your efk count goes from 100 to 110, uni from 20 to 22 gmb from 53 to 58 and so on. you can manipulate this on higher levels so if you have 4 t7 units such as dragons you need 13% recruit to get 4.52 drags which is rounded up to 5, and if you have 3 t7 units you need 17% recruit to have 3.51 rounded up to 4.
ohh i thought the stats increase are only to khalifa ?
cause i have 5% on recruit and didnt realise an increase
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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