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Android app

AuthorAndroid app
Dear players,
We continue to develop the mobile app for our game. Now the game is publicly available for downloading in Google Play Store on Android platform.

You can download Android app here

There are no special benefits compared to play from the browser so far but we continue to develop the application. The nearest plans are to introduce:
- IOS application (IPhone, Ipad)
- Push notifications on game events (Guilds, Events, Messages etc.)
- Detailed hero information in battles without opening new tab

Current app’s features:
- Full screen mode
- Ability to activate the mirror server (my.lordswm.com) in the settings menu;
- Connection of multiple accounts and switching between them in top right corner menu
And the most important, our game can be called "Lords of War and Money" rather than just a browser game now :)

The main objective of the app now is attracting new players, so we also maintain much work on simplifying the game for newcomers.
We ask you to report all errors and your suggestions to us so we can further improve the application.

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