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Group battles

AuthorGroup battles
Everything is quiet in the Empire and all is well, there is no cause for any concern. Only the office of the Commanders Guild was filled with fierce debate on one of their eternal topics: which one is more important, control or freedom? Should the Guild interfere in this age-old system of squabbling between Lords and Ladies through multilateral skirmishes in the vastness of the Empire? Does an official structure have the right to regulate something that existed long before its founding, and that is in some ways even one of the original causes of its emergence? It's always possible to continue and argue infinitely, but it's also possible to simply make a firm decision.

Lords and Ladies, by decision of the leadership of the Commanders Guild, there will now be a new adjustment for the limitation on the number of ammunition points (AP) in group battles. If this setting is activated, entering the application in artifacts with enchantments will be strictly prohibited. In addition, all victories in standard group battles will now bring +0.2 points for the Commanders Guild if that Lord or Lady has a maximum of 1 faction skill point, and only if at least 3 Lords/Ladies took part in the battle itself.

We wish you interesting fights and many victories!
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