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bug in runaway ability of deserters 2

Authorbug in runaway ability of deserters 2
I posted it some events ago (think, was also settlemet event), but it isn't solved yet.


Problem is, you don't see them runaway in battle, i replay they run and all is clear, but i battle i attacked with all and nothing happened until they're turn.

Unable to see the battle. Battle review is not available buddy
Ok, new try:

this forum urgently needs an "edit" - Button

but to make the problem more clear, it is the runaway abilitiy in combination of fear attack.

As you can see, i miss them with my boars, they flee due to the bear ability, but run back to they're initial place. And so i am not able to attack them until they're next turn. Even fireball didn't damage them.
I am unable to see the bug.seems normal
okay, i try to explain it again:

watch the battle until the point when only deserters left.

Then in battle log:

Ursary miss deserters, deserters flee in fear.
They run away, but imidiately go back to initial place, where they stood before the attack. And on this place i am not able to attack them. I got the attack cursor, but my units just walk near the deserters, end as i said above, even a fireball did not damage them.
Maybe if you refresh the page after that flee from ursary it would be alright, same happens when any dwarf unit steals rapid spell. The atb bar goes nuts and have to refresh page to solve the problem
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