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More enchantment options for jewels

AuthorMore enchantment options for jewels
The jewels have so many varieties (even including ranged-attack-dampening cloaks), but their enchantments all simply give boosts to magic casting.

Take the cloak of sun as an example. How often do a player want to wear it to gain magic booster? Wouldn't it be nice to have the enchantments to work toward boosting the D like what this cloak is supposed to be used?

Or for a clover of fortune. People wearing it are often for an A/D build. Wouldn't it be nice to have enchantments work in the A/D direction?

For this reason, a good portion of these jewels will never be enchanted. Why can't we have more options for the jewel enchantments then?
I really don't think it's a good idea to have more gold sinks in this game.
good idea
It's very difficult to implement, as for example yes there are some cloaks where defence enchants would make sense, but there are many used for magic also and where do you draw the line.

Not only would this tip the balance away from mage builds in ffa battles, but it would also as arcanide says, mean that a might build is now required to enchant 9 slots instead of just the 6, and so element prices will rise even further than they already are!
Sorry, another player not arcanide :/
2022-06-27 18:54: 'Ring of sun [E10A10W10F10]' [64/74] returned to "depository" #90 (Clan #1317). Combats unused: 7. Gold refunded: 3500.

Some people clearly use it also xD
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