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New event Mage trial


AuthorNew event Mage trial
thanks for the advices but I had tried cold ring in some of the fights, I am just too unlucky of a player to be better^^
almost used up all my tries but gladly finished after the devastating 27 hold up.

surprisingly 72 felt quite the easy walk in the park on enemy5(after 1 failed attempt ofc)


Added army strength: 4,770

Victories / Combats: 72 / 139
Finally done. Tried max battles for the first half of wins (very painful). The rest are mostly battles #4, some battle #5, lucky to even get an easy battle #6. Hope to stay in top 500.

Can't agree more with previous posts on hoping not to break the gate or any wall piece throughout the battle :-). There were several losses even my catapult was destroyed :-D

Added army strength: 4,863

Victories / Combats: 72 / 141

Individual place: ~359
Very tough event, I thought it was never going to end

Could have pushed a bit more, but it felt quite frustrating

Added army strength: 4,669

Victories / Combats: 72 / 143

Individual place: ~1,635
Looks like everyone enjoyed the pounding, here is to the admins notching up the difficulty even higher the next time.
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