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Stunning blow does not work anymore

AuthorStunning blow does not work anymore
Stunning blow did not work even once.
None of the stacks I hit with my hero went back in the initiative bar.
Ignoring the problem does not make it go away but show us that there are more things going on here in plain sight.
1st hit on monks got pushed back with stunning blow.
2nd hit on monks got pushed back with stunning blow. Monks now move after griffins.
3rd hit on farmers got pushed back with stunning blow. Farmers now move after your hero.
All three stunning blows worked.

I think you're referring to them still taking a move directly after you hit them? This is probably due to stunning blow only pushing stacks back by 0.2 on the initiative bar. Arctic has done a pretty good job at explaining how initiative works in [[ Forums-->Queries and help-->What's "Initiative"? Read to learn ]]
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