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[Sell][Various artifactss, mostly event ones]

Author[Sell][Various artifactss, mostly event ones]

I have a number of arts to sell at good prices.

These will be posted here first, and will go to anyone who is from this forum that offers a fair price. Anything that I do not sell will be put up for auction on the market.

Some of these arts are good, while some are older and perhaps have other alternatives that are proportionally better or are for levels where most have now passed.

Main ones of significance is an almost full robbers set,(just missing the boots)

arts can be seen here, I will add details in a second post

List of artifacts for sale
Please PM me with a suggested price, if acceptable I will set up a transfer

Potion of strength - 1
Potion of protection - 3
Guardians potion - 6
Warriors potion - 5
Potion of art - 1
Adventurers helmet 48/48
Robbers helmet 40/59
Order of fearlessness 47/60
Conquerors order 1st grade 80/80
great Oceans Amulet 77/80
Robbers necklace 80/80
Adventurers armour 80/80
Great Ocean Armour 65/70
Robbers armour 41/60
Robbers bow 54/70
Robbers cloak 63/70
Forest blade 40/40
Enchanted Kopesh 38/71
Robbers sword 80/80
Adventures dagger 80/80
Jackal warriors shield 57/80
Great Ocean shield 63/66
Robbers dagger 67/67
Robbers shield 66/66
Forest boot 38/40
Sorcerers sandals 57/63 - D2E2A1F1
Generals ring 29/47
Robbers ring 69/69 and 70/70
Commemorative coin 75/75
cube of equality 35/40
Cube of destiny 52/60
Sacred Crusader Gonfalon 70/70
Sphere of mysteries 26/60
charm 47/50
Robbers pouch 48/57
Robbers bag 60/60
Large tribal totem 70/70
Wizard Talisman 80/80
mirror 18/18
All still available
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