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The Imperium #1209: leader change / смена главы


AuthorThe Imperium #1209: leader change / смена главы
In appliance with the rules of the game and the merger agreement, please support the new leader of Botmun!

В соответствии с правилами игры и пунктом договора о слиянии, прошу поддержать нового лидера Botmun!
Полностью поддерживаю!
MY support is always with Botmun (Apurv) :)

Congratulations :)
All hail lord Bot
Welcome to the hard job of leading a famous clan, good luck with it and thanks for stepping in!
Bless you.
king botmun, ruler of the empire! a big fat yes from me :)
Big thanks to Celestica for everything he has done for the clan. Good luck Botmun! You have my support as well.
Congrats Botnoob
Hope to see you carry TI much higher
Good luck, Botmun!
Thanks to celestica for all he has done. Wish u luck bot. Congrats
Congrats Boss! You got it!
Good luck)
Bump Botmun
Gratz from former clanmate
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