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Dungeon caves

AuthorDungeon caves
After enjoying the beauty of the Imperial forests during the hunting season, the Empire’s Lords and Ladies once again heard the call of duty, coming from the dark depths of the subterranean depths. Everything was in place for the next stage of the rescue operation: the priority tunnels had been surveyed, the secret passageways studied, and the hiding places and caches with supplies prepared. The only pity was that all this work turned out to be in vain...
- Plans change, - Councilor Feurlis said suddenly, listening carefully to the report of the commander of the underground fortress hovering over the table with maps.
- But Sir, - The imperial officer objected puzzled, The western tunnels were designated as a priority. Warlord Grammith...
- Assigned me to supervise this stage of the operation, - the necromancer's measured voice suddenly interrupted the fortress commander's speech, and the counsilor leisurely shifted his gaze to the map and added, - I'm interested in the northern direction.
- These tunnels were partially blocked. Too many uninvited guests were coming from there. It wouldn't be difficult to clear them, but it might be too dangerous, - cautioned the officer.
- Do you doubt the prowess of the Empire’s Lords and Ladies? - Feurlis suddenly asked, turning his empty, bottomless gaze to his interlocutor, - And in Her Majesty's wisdom in entrusting them with this important mission?
- Negative, Sir, - he replied, fighting the cold shudder that gripped him. Even the darkness of the deepest depths did not frighten him as much as this darkness in his eyes, which seemed to seek to penetrate his soul.
- That's what I thought, - the necromancer added calmly, - Go ahead, they'll be here soon.

Brave Lord and Ladies! The received secret message states the beginning of a new stage of rescue operation in the hearts of the subterranean depths. The basic principle is unchanged - complete secrecy and no personal armies.

Combat briefing:
- All Lords and Ladies from the 5th combat level are allowed to participate in the operation;
- The selected talents do not work;
- Unique racial and faction abilities do not work;
- Only shop artifacts can be worn in battle;
- Enchantments have no effect;
- The initial army is the same for all Lords and Ladies – 4 elite crossbowmen and 10 crusaders;
- The recruited army does not diminish through losses;
- Lords and Ladies can join other troops to their army. Upon a win, the surviving stack and up to 80% of the creatures killed in the stack join the Lord/Lady’s army;
- Troops can be upgraded for silver, which can be obtained as compensation for the disbandment of a stack. Upgrade of the starting army is impossible;
- Important! If necessary, existing troops can be disbanded, allowing them to immediately leave the dungeon. In this case, compensation will be paid in silver equal to 95% of the power rating of the disbanded stack. Stack can be disbanded only if at least 3 more stacks remain available;
- Searches for simpler or more difficult opponents are available, but the number of searches is limited until the next battle. The more difficult the enemy is, the larger the stack of allies that can join you;
- The option to ignore certain captives is available, in which case they will not be found in a certain number of next searches;
- You can get creature armaments for wins;
- All Lord and Ladies who have won at least one battle, will be rewarded with gold by the Empire after the end of the operation;
- Upon reaching an army power of 200,000 each 5th win will be additionally rewarded with a random element;
- Upon reaching an army power of 250,000 each win will be additionally rewarded with points for the Hunters' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 600,000each win will be additionally rewarded with points for the Mercenaries' Guild;
- Upon reaching an army power of 950,000 each win will be additionally rewarded with battle potions, which can be transferred, sold on the market or used to get an increase in parameters for a day:

- Up to 12 battles can be won per day, unachieved wins are carried over to the next day (maximum of 84 wins);
- Important! In the first day’s battles (the first 12 wins), you can meet only tier 1 troops. Thereafter each consecutive day (12 wins) will increase the tier of rescued troops by one. As the stronger creatures are kept deeper in the dungeon. So, in the first day’s battles (from the 13th to the 24th win), only tier 2 troops can be met, and so on until the 7th day inclusive. The tier of the troops met depends only on the current number of wins;
- Important! You can recruit one stack no more than 4 times. After that, they will stop appearing to you;
- Important! Due to the danger of falling under the the influence of a mysterious whisper from the darkness being underground is limited to 18 attempts per day, the remaining attempts are carried over to the next day (maximum of 126 attempts);
- The rescue operation will last only 7 days plus 3 days for the end of battles, until September 13th inclusive.

Attention! Please remember, because of a sufficiently high level of danger in such gloomy depths, you should not even hope to meet troops of cowardly Tribal Goblins there. Even if it seems to you that from the next corner their pleas for help are heard - do not believe it, this is just an illusion. Better focus on your goal, for the personal successes of each Lord or Lady will be additionally encouraged by parts of a special artifacts:


for 10 wins: +2 parts;
for 20 wins: +3 parts;
for 30 wins: +4 parts;
for 40 wins: +5 parts;
for 60 wins: +6 parts.

As well as up to 15 parts of Magma Pendant based on your personal ranking in the event. You can get a maximum of 35 pieces of Magma Pendant and 20 pieces of Imperial Ring for this event.

A full artifact is automatically assembled if 100 pieces are available. This artifact cannot be transferred for use or rent, but can be transferred for repairs or for installing enchantments.

Lord and Ladies who have recruited the most armies at the end of the quest will be generously rewarded.

Come on, let’s search!
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