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[Sell] [Various Event and Set Artifacts]

Author[Sell] [Various Event and Set Artifacts]
I am selling a huge list of rare event and set artifacts. I will sell to anyone at a fair price. 10% discount for Rising Phoenix members and 5% discount for allied clan members (Angels and Demons).

Notable items are 8 pieces of temporal set, 6 pieces of pirate set and 6 pieces of Leader's set.

If interested, you can ask for an artifact link as well. Just send me a mail and I will respond.

Here is the list of the artifacts

Great Magic Temporal Helmet (47/47)
Great Temporal Robe (37/37)
Temporal Cloak (53/53)
Great Temporal Sword (68/68)
Great Temporal Dagger (69/69)
Great Temporal Scroll (25/25)
Great Temporal Shoes (30/30)
Temporal Ring (50/50)

Pirate Hat (71/71)
Pirate Pendant (41/41)
Pirate Frock (56/56)
Pirate Sabre (71/71)
Pirate-captain Dagger (50/50)
Pirate Boots (37/37)

Heavy Leader Helmet (42/42)
Heavy Leader Cuirass (23/23)
Heavy Leader Boots (32/32)
General's Ring (26/26)
General's Ring (21/21)
General's Signet Ring (15/15)

Forest Cloak (20/20)
Robber's Boots (31/31)
Thief Boots (60/60)
Thief Boots (60/60)

Magical Ball (28/28)
Battlemagis Guise (30/30)
Heall Reaper's Scythe (21/21)
Orc Tyrant Hatchet (21/21)
Trogolodyte Spear (30/30)
Leader's Shield (75/75)
Merchant's Boots (52/52)
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