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Thief invitation - At last got mine

AuthorThief invitation - At last got mine
I took me a few months and few events but finally, I've got TGI.

The hard work was paying off.

Thank you all for the morale support.

To quote Frank Sinatra: "I did it my way".
Congratulations! It's a big milestone.
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Congrats buddy
And does it feel good? ^^

Congratz and good luck on thieving! Do not give up. Losses are a part of the journey!
Thank you very much!

It feels good. However, I feel the tingle for the next achievement.

It is a big milestone. I'm going to do TG in minimum AP and prepare for a certain percentage of loses.

Have a great day!
Aim for 600 wins to get your TGI so you can sell it. Then chose a new goal and keep going! Enjoy the journey!
TIG point sometimes given from Rampage even on map or other event, i do it slowly and took a year to get back my invitation.
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