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Remove paired pirates from the event rotation

AuthorRemove paired pirates from the event rotation
That is all.
dans idea... nuff said
If you have a good partner, this is one of the more fun events. Especially if you play something like double dwarf, which is what the top pair is doing.
Rather than removing it ,they can make it better by way of balancing the meat and difficulty of the opponents depending on the factions so that all factions gets an equal chance. it can be fun to play with your friends ngl . :)
Balance those dark pirates.. admins seriously underestimate nixes...
oh so other events are different? I mean it is not like that you get some supereasy battles at start then you get to the invincible opponent wall?
for ProZyk:
only the top players play with each other. they dont even want to play with others, so how fun is that?I can barely find a teammate in my own clan on my level, there are only 2 other level 22's who play the events on my level actively in my clan. 1 who is decent already has a partner, so yeah. these events should be removed
I managaed to get a good lvl 19 player from my clan, he was a good player, wished I played with him from the start. could have had a good score then, so yeah it can be fun, but its still painful
Most annoying event of them all. RNG all the wayµ

for Arcanide:
you just need a teammate that can cooperate and who has decent stats. barb was the best class by far to use

Very fun event. Better than having solo events always. You can always find a good partner, be it higher or lower in level, you can find a strategy to use. I'd missed having events like this. It's fun to play in a team and do well together, you get more joy out of it rather than just fighting with or against AI all the time
You can always find a good partner

No, no you can't. The times have to match up, and 80 battles takes a while.
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