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Siege Weapons-Events

AuthorSiege Weapons-Events
I propose the siege weapons to be players controlled or at least to make the AI control more accurate
In this event as well as in older ones or even in future events the luck based catapult hits can change the outcome of the battle

I have played 26 games so far in the event and the catapult attacked the door only in a handful as a result i am wasting my turns trying to enter from 1 wall that it destroyed not even to mention hellhorses have no way to enter the castle
I strongly believe that this should be balanced some way it's really frustrating trying to pass the troops on the other side to attack the enemy waiting when your catapult will finally decide to attack the door
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Yes please. Plenty of RNG left in fights even without it.
Plz this need change
In this battle AI just defend behind the wall and and i have no way to enter
Catapult was not hiting the door and i was just waiting outside like 10 turns until towers shoot me down
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