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Images of robbers!

AuthorImages of robbers!
Since its recent opening, the artist's shop has been thriving and prospering. And although there are far more fans of the master's work than those who want to get them in their personal collections - this injustice is quite logical. Not everyone is able to appreciate the true intent of the creator. Such is his fate, and such is the challenge he faces. Not everyone hovers in clouds of Heroic Glory, some dream about more base manifestations of their nature. Tastes are not in dispute, but the price of their modest forbidden desires - why not...

Lords and Ladies! Gallery artist's shop a collection of new works in the bandit theme has been added to our collection. For lovers of something more down-to-earth and a little forbidden. The price of such work is noticeably lower more complex and shrouded in a veil of Heroic Glory. In this regard, the collections of premium images have been given a slight division into basic and supplementary. At the same time note especially that only images from the main collection will give the owner +1 additional parameter (they are marked with the appropriate icon ). Images from additional collections give only the possibility to set new portraits. But if you have already purchased a premium image from the main collection for a particular faction, the additional option will also apply to all additional images associated with that faction. You can install, remove, or change existing images in your personal collection at any time on the image store.

Enjoy the game!
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