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Premium images!

AuthorPremium images!
The classics are immortal, but sometimes without the proper contrast its significance cannot be appreciated. And at the same time, against the background of the originality of avant-garde thought, it risks being overshadowed. Not everyone prefers knights in shining armor or elves with bows at their ready. One's gaze is drawn to something slightly different, or even quite different. True value can only be learned by comparison. Taste is formed by diversity and choice, where everyone is free to express his sympathy to what is closer to his heart and soul.

Lords and Ladies, gallery artist's shop has added a collection of new works in a slightly different style from the classic perception. For fans of something more unusual, but still with recognizable types. These premium images belong to the complementary ones. Pay special attention to the fact that only images from the main collection will give the owner +1 additional parameter (they are marked with the appropriate icon). Images from additional collections give only the possibility to set new portraits. But if a particular faction has already acquired a premium image from the main collection, the additional parameter will also apply to all additional images associated with that faction.

You can install, remove, or change the images in your personal collection at any time on the image store.

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