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Hunting season!

AuthorHunting season!
Hunting seasons have always been one of the most anticipated events in the imperial calendar. And not only for distinguished hunters, ready to challenge not so much each other as themselves, but also for ordinary observers who want to enjoy the work of the real masters of this noble craft. But neither they nor the other sometimes realize how much work must be put into properly organizing such an event. «All set? - The stern-looking elf asked in a slightly irritated tone, looking as if he had tracked down and killed many dangerous monsters in his life, but none of them exhausted him as much as what was happening here and now, - Fanfare? Troubadours? Leaflets? Honey? Five kegs to start, the rest for later, - his gaze jumped from one assistant to another until it stopped on the last of them, - Is the list of goals ready?» But his question remained unanswered, and the apprentice froze in terror, his gaze and facial expressions hinting at the unremarkable dark silhouette behind him. Silently shoving the terrified youth aside, the veteran hunter carefully examined the mysterious guest. It was one of the imperial stalkers, making some adjustments to his hunting list without regard for the elf. Finally, the stranger put his pen aside and handed the amended list to the chief hunter. «What do you know about real hunting?! - The elf objected grudgingly, snatching the list from the stalker's hands, - It's not like stabbing knives in the backs out of the shadows! - his gaze shifted to the surface of the paper and glimpsed its contents, and then his disgruntled grimace smoothed out slightly, - Okay, something might come out of this. Now get out of the way and stay out of the way. The opening ceremony is about to begin…»

Lords and Ladies, the Guild of Hunters solemnly announces the opening of a new hunting season and invites everyone to participate in this glorious event! Before we begin, however, we traditionally recommend that you take a good look at the general rulebook:
- All Lords and Ladies are allowed to participate From combat level 5;
- Allowed ammunition for the first three levels of difficulty - artifacts from the store, modifiers do not work;
- There are no restrictions on ammunition and modifiers for difficulty level 4;
- Battles are conducted in the format Lord or Lady of the Empire with his army against a group of neutral creatures;
- Increased magic damage for the mage faction does not work;
- The hunter is given a map with marked targets of varying difficulty. Targets are the same for all Lords and Ladies of the same combat level, faction and class;
- On the first day, you can fight the first 10 targets in any order. Each following day another 10 targets will become available. In order to attack the new day's goals, you must defeat all of the previous day's goals. A total of 60 targets will be available;
- For successfully eliminating targets, you can get Hunter Guild points, creature artifacts, hunter artifacts, and gold;
- The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward and the more points the Lord or Lady receives. Rewards for a single target do not add up. Receiving a reward for low difficulty battles will reduce the reward for higher difficulty battles for the same objective;
- Important! The 4th level of difficulty for each target is for battles in any artifact with no modification restrictions (FFA). The amount of points for this difficulty level is the same as the amount of points for the 3rd difficulty level; if you beat the 3rd difficulty level, the 4th difficulty level is unavailable and vice versa;
-The hunting season will last only 10 days, up to and including February 24;
- Heroes who eliminate 50 targets will be awarded the blessing of Abu-Bakir for 15 days.

Each Lords or Ladies personal successes will be further rewarded with units of Magma Sword:
for 10 points: +1 part;
for 20 points: +2 parts;
for 30 points: +3 parts;
for 40 points: +4 parts;
for 50 points: +5 parts;
for 60 points: +7 parts;
for 80 points: +8 parts;

and parts of the Imperial Arbalest:
for 50 points: +20 parts;

All Lords and Ladies who score more than 15 points will receive a trophy forest artifact and the corresponding achievement in the character information. The strength of the artifact will depend on the points gained. There will be no additional rewards not listed in this news.

Good hunting!
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