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Mahnwa, manga, webnovel corner


AuthorMahnwa, manga, webnovel corner
Can you share which good ongoing or finish book had interesting story. Most my collection are fantasy adventure, horor and isekai
One piece, Solo leveling, Noblesse, Tomb raider king
One piece is best
the time i reincarnated as a slime is one of my fav
sweet guy
sweet guy

This guy smh.

NSFW, for those who are wondering.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and ONLY JoJo's Bizarre Adventure\O/
Kubera not my style. What about omniscience reader view point?

Every one ever read Hakaijuu?
I Will write all my fave manga and manhwa on my clan
for - Concord -:
You should try another like Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo dragon, the first Hunter, return survival, onePunch-man, pet shop of horror
You can try "The Live" then. (It's a manhwa.)
Oh, i left that at chapter 35. How much that now?

Usually read at manga town or manga zone.
New fantasy Webtoon must follow






A good day to be a dog
I'm a story lover and I've got a big list to share. I love anything that has a good story with relatable well written characters. The joy of immersing into the characters and empathizing with them is truly an addiction.

[The big 3]:
One Piece

[Timeless Classic]:
Dragon Ball Z
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Great Teacher Onizuka

[Great Story]:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Death Note
Attack on Titan
To your Eternity
Tokyo Ghoul

[Historical Fiction]:
Vinland Saga
Samurai X
Yona of the Dawn

[Top tier Action]:
Hunter x Hunter
My Hero Academia
Demon Slayer
Sakamoto Days
Record of Ragnarok

Prince of Tennis
Giant Killing
Slam Dunk
Initial D

March comes in like a Lion
Kaguya-Sama: Love is War
Grand Blue

These are a few handpicked diamonds worth reading atleast once.
There is still a whoooole lot of ongoing gems. (Which I hope won't be axed or butchered by rushed publishing.)
i feel sad about hunter x hunter :/ long hiatus. it was going great
Most of that manga are common to read. You need more searching.

Isekai yururi kikou
Garbage brave
Kita no toridenite
S rank monster no Behemoth (actually not for under 15)
Tensei youjo akiramenai
Tondemo skill de isekai hourou meshi (this had anime)
Kuma kuma kuma bear!
I'am a spider, so what?
07 Ghost (anime not recommended)
Fruit basket, new fruit basket, (anime had 2 version)
Fukigen na mononokean
Genjuu no seiza
Skeleton knight at other world
Her majesty's swarm
Honzuki no gekokujou (Ascendance of a bookworm, anime season 3, j novel volume 25) my most fave
Hosaka sensei no ai no muchi (most comedi)
I became the mother of strogest demon lord child
Isekai de cafe o kaisen shimashita
Izakaya Nobu
I hate getting hurt so i'll max my deff (anime season 2 on going)
Kageno datte sesihun shittai (romace comedy)
Kemono jihen
Koi to yobu ni wa kimochi warui (romance? Comedy, i Hove no one hurt their stomach after heavy laugh)
Kusuriya no hitorigoto (a girl love poison)
May i ask one final thing? (Girl who love fighting)
Mizutama honey boy (tomboy girl and girly boy xD)
Nie home to kemono no ou (cuty girl and the beast. Not full romance but beautiful story)
Ohatou Toka! Oyasumi Toka! (Sad story that related in real world)
Ookami no heika no hanayome (romance comedy, i hope they make it drama)
Owari bo serafu (bromace and friendship so strong)
For you in full the blossom (if drama i like first version)
Sabaku no Harem
Sakazuki-san chi no gikyoudai (tall elementary boy vs short onii Chan, brother complex)
Tensei shitara slime datta ken
for Void_Moon:
damn this list brings back so many memories
omg where do you find so many time to read all of this?
I'm jealous
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