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Empire Defender Day!

AuthorEmpire Defender Day!
The greatness, beauty, wealth, and military successes of the Empire have always aroused envy and anger among her many enemies. The wisest of them, when confronted by the empire's fearless defenders, have managed to tame or even embrace these feelings. But there were also those who became obsessed with them, and this obsession did not rest in their lifetime, or even after their ignominious deaths. Again and again, year after year, it cries out to them beyond the grave, rending their unhealed wounds and raising them again for a final assault. Only by successfully completing it will they have a chance to be rid of the demons that torment their souls in the afterlife. But this will not deter the defenders of their homeland - the price of another's freedom is too high.

Lords and Ladies, today our lands celebrate the glorious holiday of the Empire Defender Day - and she, like a true Lady, congratulates all those who embody this glorious image, sung by an endless array of legends and songs. In imperial tradition it is customary to greet this day with a shield in hand to guard its northern borders against the encroachments of demon-possessed spirits of the fallen warriors of the ancient horde. Therefore, the guards of the frontier once again call on all Lords and Ladies from combat level 3 to arrive in one of the following areas: Peaceful Camp, Eagle's Nest, Sunny City, Crystal Garden, Fairy Trees или Ungovernable Steppe Ц and help deter enemy attacks made every 10 minutes. You can face the enemy only if you have fully recruited units and the army is fully healed. The number of battles on the border is limited to 23. For a successfully repelled attack the winner will receive one gift card as a trophy, which can be kept or given to any male Lord. Also, if desired, you can show mercy to the enemy - and simply agree to purchase several cards for gold. Gift cards will remain in character information until the end of February. In order to maintain general combat readiness, all of the Empire's taverns will be handing out free recovery drinks.

In addition, so that none of the gift cards earned will not go to waste, the Hunters Guild will give +0.25 guild points for each gift card (not more than 20 HG points in total).

Happy Holidays! Let's show the enemy the power of the true defenders of our native lands!
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