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Hunterís reward!

AuthorHunterís reward!
The last arrow left the quiver - and its plumage touched the bowstring. A light breath - and a smooth exhalation to accompany it in flight. The target is struck. It seems to be the last one on the list. Time to collect the spoils and return to camp. It's a long way from here, but there will be more than enough time to make up an unrivaled tale of this glorious hunt. It will be inspired by the gentle sound of a relieved forest and the shadows dancing freely among the bushes. They are no longer a threat. At least for those who are clean before the law. The task of the invisible observer hiding among the tree trunks had been completed. Even if it was someone else's doing, in the hands of the imperial stalkers, everything and everyone is an instrument of reckoning.

Lords and Ladies, the hunting season is officially over! The Hunters Guild would like to thank everyone who participated in this glorious event and demonstrated their skills with dignity. Everyone who scores at least 15 points is awarded a trophy forest artifact and the corresponding unique achievement. The strength of the artifact depends on the number of points gained.

Praise the skills of the Empire's hunters!
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