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Women's Day

AuthorWomen's Day
Women have always occupied a special place in the life of the Empire. Enchanting ladies and courageous ladies - all of them are famous not only as wise keepers of the home or sources of inspiration for heroic deeds. They are capable of leading armies, rebuffing enemies whom they will never forget, and even become the embodiment of all that has held the Empire together for many years.

Lovely girls!
Outside the window, spring is blooming again, preparing its festive bouquet for each of you who represent it. Today the Empire celebrates the main holiday of spring – Women’s Day! We sincerely congratulate all of you and wish you a wonderful spring mood without unnecessary worries and hardships. May your hearts be filled with only the brightest, most colorful and strong feelings, and may your souls be warm and peaceful.

And just today, to keep the festive mood, prepared the following surprises:
- the parameter of luck in battles for all girls increased by 1 point;
- the tavern serves free restoration drinks;
- for the victory in any battle you will receive a gift-image, which you can keep for yourself or gift to a female character. Gift pictures will remain in the character information for two weeks.

Happy Spring Festival!
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