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Dungeon Caves


AuthorDungeon Caves
New event like portal of time XD
No....but better than Leader for me
Say that 12 win battlebper day, but i Did 24 win today... So this stated yesterday at HWM?
Started yesterday for everyone. Initial post was at 7pm game time yesterday
So which troops upgrade is recommended first? Is it advisable to wait for tier 2 before upgrading?
Looking for the clan
Half way down the event I just noticed that LHS is for cage and RHS is for wild animals :(
@bp99 No, there's no pattern. Sometimes the left is caged, sometimes just the right, sometimes both, sometimes neither.
I should say "captured" means caged, "attack" means wild.
you can also see it says "locked them up" vs "defend them"

very fun to play when you hit luck on opening hits especially vs an enemy you are pushing difficulty on. i think this was a 24k power enemy.
Damn dude, currently doing 14-16k enemies, also got about 2/3rd of ure units (also prietst, horses cyclops, griff)
you pushed well
well i am in top 10 currently at least until all the "pro" low levels pass me up :)
Anyone know how expensive moon priestesses are to upgrade? They could be a very good source of sustainability with their resurrection.

highest enemy i cleared was 26.6k power. demons really do be the easiest. tribal/dwarf/wizard are the hardest enemies. avoid at all costs.
demon at 26.6k power is weaker then the 3 above mentioned at 20k, of that im certain.
So I got some moon priestesses just to try it out as I got hydras previously and thought that an army with a lot of shooters and blazing hounds as rush damage, with a big stack of ladons as counter may be quite nice. Especially if I could the resurrect one of those stacks. The main issue I think for those own is the fact that it takes an awful lot of silver to upgrade the moon priestesses. I think î will need about 180k of silver if I spend 4 turns finding them. Realistically therefore I probably will only search for 3, to give me an extra source of silver.

I didn;t read the details. Just yolo's lots of battles as could not be bothered to look for more, thought the only cost was gold, and that I have enough of.

Finished on this

Total army strength: 829,462
Victories / Combats: 77 / 126

If I had been less reckless then there was an easy 140k army strength to have.

Ho hum. At least I can get on with some work now rather than procrastinating.
I know its a side topic, but https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=2890295 is closed.

Did the exp/fsp ratio in hunts just got increased?

You're getting an exp penalty (bonus?) due to your parameters. Did you gain a stat or faction skill level recently?
Forgot about that mechanic. Thanks.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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