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[Sell][H,MH,BB Various artifacts][10/10]

Author[Sell][H,MH,BB Various artifacts][10/10]
I have the following items for bulk sale:
All items are 10/10
Prices are:
MH Set : 2500g
Other Individual Items:-
Hunter: 75g
MH: 150g
BB: 750g
Bulk buy for individual Items: 2200g
Bulk buy entire inventory: 4500g

Individual Items:-
Hunter Hat
Hunter Broadsword
Hunter boots
MH Armour
MH Bow x3
MH Dagger
MH Shield
MH Boots
MH Jackboots
MH Ring of Dexterity
BB Shield

Set Items:-
MH Set 9 piece : Helmet, Amulet, Armour, Bow, Dagger, Boots (Regular), Cutlass and Dexterity Rings

Please PM as per need
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