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Did not get +stat for Commanders Guild level 3

AuthorDid not get +stat for Commanders Guild level 3
If you check this combat, you will see that my attack is 30 and defence is 4

The same as right now. But that combat is 1 month old, and I just got another level of Commander`s guild which should give me +1 primary stat, but for some reason my stats are the same as before
(this combat with minimal equipment)

Commanders guild level 3 does not give stat unfortunately.
It gives Random Tactician set artifact, Chance to loot 7/7 replicas in PVP and 7/7 shop artifacts in PVE combats
ops. Checked forum, seems that level 3 is not giving any stats
closed by Дитя Мудрости (2023-04-07 17:59:04)
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