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Premium Images

AuthorPremium Images
Once again the capital market square is bustling with activity and merchants from all corners of the Empire, as well as foreign lands, are peddling their wares. Not that the marketplace has ever become deserted ó not even when the castle walls fell to the fiends of the underworld, nor when half-sized vandals with green heads on their spears were desecrating its streets. Or so the legend goes. Alas, in those times there were no painters around with such a penchant for dangerous sources of inspiration as there is today, to capture everything they saw in living color. The current artistís latest creations reflect the dreams and desires hidden deep within us, appearing both fantastical and impossible but also no less real than the surrounding world. If you can see that reflection with your own eyes, then you only need to make a wish ó and your dream will be captured for all eternity!

Lords and Ladies, the artistís shop gallery is featuring a collection of incredible new Premium Images! Visit the gallery to partake of fabulous art and possibly even make it yours, so as to impress your friends and make your enemies jealous!
Please note these new premium images are auxiliary ones. By itself, an auxiliary image only changes the portrait in your profile and how your character looks in battle. Only your main images will provide you with +1 bonus parameter (they are marked with the appropriate icon). However, once youíve purchased the main image for a faction, then any auxiliary images for that same faction will provide you with the +1 bonus parameter, as well.

You can set, remove or switch your personal images at any time using the image store.

Wishing you epic battles in new guises and colors!

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