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Minor Tournament!

AuthorMinor Tournament!
Time is passing by and one good day follows another. Nothing, and definitely not small-time hardships, can stem the tide of progress and prevent the Empire and its citizens from thriving. That said, it's been a while since our valiant lords and ladies last graced the common folk with their splendorous presence. Some might be taking rest in their homely castles after a series of demanding battles, while others are honing their combat skills in spiritual retreat. Whatever the case may be, the Empire, like a loving mother, knows what’s best for her children. Some look for every chance to prove themselves, others crave entertainment, but all shall receive what they seek.

Lords and Ladies, the gates of the tournament arena are ready to open and welcome all those willing to participate in the 54th Minor Tournament ++, featuring equalized matches!
In this tournament format, any Lord or Lady can claim an achievement simply by obtaining the necessary number of wins for one or more factions, in any number of attempts. Anyone who has reached the combat level 3 or higher can put their tactical skills to the test in 1-on-1 duels against another Lord or Lady of the same combat level. The unparalleled experience of unforgettable battles, a good number of Commanders' Guild points and faction skill points, gold, elixirs, parts of special artifacts and much more await you in this competition. The worthiest and most courageous will also be rewarded with a share of the main prize pool and special tournament achievements:

- 15 wins with a faction and a win ratio that is above the 90th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction and a win ratio that is above the 80th percentile among all tournament players for the same faction and combat level

- 15 wins with a faction

Important! Battles in this tournament will follow the equalized format, in which a potion of guilds and a potion of skill are automatically activated for all participants.

Attention! In this special tournament format there is no limit on the number of defeats, and any player can get an achievement! Rewards will be granted per faction, meaning that to get a bronze achievement you need to win the required number of wins with one and the same faction. This also means you can earn multiple achievements for multiple factions.

For every tournament win you will be rewarded with gold and a creature armament. You will also receive special elixirs for your 5th, 8th and 12th wins for the same faction (which means you can receive multiple elixir sets for multiple factions):

 For 5 wins with a faction
 For 8 wins with a faction
 For 12 wins with a faction

Elixirs do not have any effect in PvP tournaments, Commanders’ Guild battles, survival tournaments or text quest battles. The elixirs will expire after July 1, 2023.

Last but not least, participants of Minor Tournament ++ are eligible to earn parts of Magma Ring and Heaven Ring:

For 1 win – 1 part.
For 3 wins – 3 parts.
For 5 wins – 6 parts.
For 8 wins – 10 parts.

Bronze achievement – 8 parts of Magma Ring.
Silver achievement – 10 parts of Magma Ring.
Gold achievement – 15 parts of Magma Ring.

Parts for wins will be given out during the tournament, including wins for all factions. Parts for achievements will be granted after the tournament ends, and if a Lord or Lady earns multiple achievements, they will receive parts only for their best one. In total, the maximum you can earn is 35 pieces of Magma Ring and 20 pieces of Heaven Ring.

Participation is free, with no entrance fees!

We wish you success in the 54th Minor Tournament ++!
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