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[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons


Author[Military Clan] #7705 Angels & Demons
Welcome to The Kingdom of Angels & Demons

Our journey has started on a distant land (.com server). During the course of years, we have united with Russian speaking community. We welcome all new recruits who wish to join us. Our goal is to enjoy playing together and achieve our best.

Angels & Demons is more than just a military clan. We are a closely-knit family of brothers and sisters. Greatness is not measured by selfishness, but selflessness.

Born on 11.1.11, 11:11 [old server time]


1. Combat lvl 6 or higher, main characters only
2. Transfer invitation cost 5000 gold
3. If joining during Leader Guild event, at least guild lvl 7 is required and to play the event
4. Join discord chat channel https://discord.gg/jQbbXERB8M

5. Obey all game rules.
6. Treat all players with respect.
7. Participation in events with clan reward at least to qualify to reward
8. Participation in minimum 10 facility defenses monthly

Contact one of our recruiters for information and an invitation.

!!! Invitation cost is refunded if within 30 days from joining the Clan, you win 10 defences or play event with clan reward until the main event level. When this applies, ask treasurer, deputy or leader for refund. Basically if you are meeting required defence activity or play event you will get refund and joining or rejoining will be free of cost for you.



We have a depository with 300 slots and arts at good prices to rent
We have many sets - including enchanted rare sets


We greatly value facility defenders. We have increased defence reward rate to 130%. The increase is valid as long as we control at least one full sector and have enough gold.
Do you pay the best facilities defenders at the end of the month?
for latawica:

We pay ongingly for 1+ year a 30% extra gold to every win above standard Empire reward.

During summer we organise additional tournaments with extra rewards for top defenders.

Our defences are not that hard to win as we control 8 facilities. The more clan controls, the higher difficulty of battle and the more player loses and have to spend more on artifacts.
My Dear Friends!!!

The fight in the "Defender Clan Tournament" for the top 10 was fierce!!!

It showed what kind of warriors we are, we filled the ranks in 1 minute!!! Words cannot express my admiration and gratitude to all of you!!!

All tournament participants will receive commemorative certificates by personal mail, and, of course, payments for the TOP 10 have already been made.

1 [20] 30000
2 Elf-7 [17] 20000
3 Rzeczpospolita [16] 20000
4 Rrgey Piatiy [14] 15000
5 _ [17] 15000
6 Tanisia [16] 10000
7 Crossman [14] 10000
8 vitaly8953 [17] 10000
9 AloneBoromir [14] 10000
10 VDRAT [17] 10000

Well, I also inform you that from July 1 to July 31 we are re-launching the "Defender" Tournament", only victories are counted, the prize fund is 150,000 gold.

Top 10 rewards:

1 place -30000
2 place -20000
3 place -20000
4 place -15000
5 place -15000
6 place - 10000
7 place -10000
8 place - 10000
9 place - 10000
10 place -10000

Good luck to all of us, see you on defense :)
Extra rewards in the Amphibian Event

Rewards for TOP 2 places in the Amphibian Event are:

1st place - mellor - Crown of Dungeon 56/56
2nd place - ATLANTIS - Crown of Dungeon 41/41

Thank you and congratulations to the Winners and all Participants!
Hello everybody
Hello, please write me a PM if you like to join or have a question.
Dear Members and Candidates,

we are continuing to improve our depository and keep our players active.

This month we bought below enchanted items to replenish and secure stock for later:

"Adventurer`s bow [I12E12A12W12F12]" [37/62] - 949 gold/battle
"Adventurer`s dagger [I12E12A12W12F12]" [28/61] - 949 gold/battle
"Hatred demons blade [I12E12A12W12F12]" [6/50] - 1099 gold/battle
"Bow of light [I10E10A10W10F10]" [82/85] - 579 gold/battle

Enjoy and have fun playing!
Oh my clan is still active
is this still active ?
How can I join this clan? Can some help me
We would like to congratulate our clanmates that increased their combat level last week:

Vetkin, Geofizik92, SPACEGLIDER, Nsian Rayil,

Keep it going!

@Pravin J, Bhanuxp:
We are active, yes. You can talk in private messages for more info.
Congrats to All who levelled up :)
Added wonderful pendand with 14 AP and luck, best for players CL 7-13:

Conqueror`s Order 1st grade' [69/76] - 449 gold/battle.

79 arts leased at the same time from depository, great to see our clan so active :)
now 86 :)
Tournament Announcement for Smugglers event (for new members and those who may have skipped the clan mail)

We are thrilled to announce a clan tournament for the current event. We invite you all to show your skills and persistence.

The prize pool is the following
1st Place: 30,000
2nd Place: 25,000
3rd Place: 20,000
4th Place: 15,000
Draws will be resolved in favour of the player that completed the highest level earlier.
! Main Level: 10,000 for everyone who defeats the 50th level of the event !

Let's crush the smuggler outlaws and bring safety to the Empire and glory to our clan

See you on the battlefield!
We would like to congratulate our clanmates that increased their combat level last week:

Bhanuxp, deeelph, Yoinkboisxt, Blackie007, Chrollo Lucilfer, Crossman

Keep it going!
Bhanuxp, deeelph, Yoinkboisxt, Blackie007, Chrollo Lucilfer, Crossman

Congratulations! :)
Congrats Players, Nice to see you all level up :)
Secured 3rd place in smugglers event by just using shop arts in my Clan. Is a Great feeling everyone :)
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