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Rewards for Hunters

AuthorRewards for Hunters
The brightest flame burns quickest, but not when it comes to the splendid event called the Hunting Season. Even with the coming of autumn, when the lights of all the other festivals and celebrations had died out one by one, this flame continued to burn even brighter, fueled the desire for fame and glory. And even though that bordered on bragging here and there, the flame burned long enough to be able to light up again come the new season.

Lords and Ladies, the hunting season is now closed! The Hunters’ Guild is grateful to everyone who participated in this glorious event and displayed their finesse and ingenuity. All those who scored at least 15 points will be awarded a trophy forest artifact and a corresponding achievement. The durability of the artifact depends on the number of points scored.

Praise the hunters of the Empire and their mastery!
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