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Make all LeG creatures resurrectable

AuthorMake all LeG creatures resurrectable
Right now all the basic creatures are gone forever whenever they die in an LeG battle. But some basic creatures such as hobbits and imps are quite useful. It is very annoying that they cannot be resurrected.

And this is a serious racial discrimination problem. Why can't the low level creatures have the rights as their higher level peers?
Wonder why the admins made the choice not to make them resurrectable in the first palce...
Stand up for hobbit rights!
For the same reason they gave u an option to purchase common troops for 5000 in Leg events
... I'd keep very useful commin troops and not upgrading them unless you have soo many

Still I'd much hope I can revive common troops
We should get epic creature for every thousand wins as well so we can catch em all
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