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[2023.09.19] Day of Stone Monsters

Author[2023.09.19] Day of Stone Monsters
Astrologers proclaim the Day of Stone Monsters! Only today:

  • You are very likely to encounter stone monsters in a hunt.
  • Bad
    we only have this day twice. last time was 2018.9.19.
    Is it possible to get +2/+3/+5 hunts?
    For Another Player:
    I can say with some confidence; no.
    The record hunt is over 100,000 but I started with a regular hunt.
    The ability of this monster does of course double your HG points but no one will be getting 10 HG point battles.
    wow 2 HG points
    what a day!
    very disappointing.
    was looking forward to 10 HG points, passed my hunts, when finally got these monsters, I thought it is a bug... but no. Well, passing them and doing +5 HG hunts to reset my labour penalty.
    Pretty good day honestly. Got a lot of hg points and donít have to wait for others in order to get the +5s.
    This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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