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Tribal Vision


AuthorTribal Vision
Let's go!
Well, this'll be interesting.
So not to get too excited, but are we finally going to get Alt-tribal?
Sometime in the next 1000 years, yes.
Yes this event is (according to admins) the soft launch for alt tribal
[citation needed]
Big claims to just give us regular tribal center talent.
half event is normal tribal, half is legendary tribal
I wonder if the tribal spirit would grow seemingly exponentially in a battle like what we saw in past events fighting against the alt tribals :D
Last time we had amfibi but nothing happen
Is it known if fights/rewards are same for everyone?
Big claims to just give us regular tribal center talent.
You can switch to use alt tribal troops.
The fights are not the same for everybody.
Today's fights get much harder. Did they test that all the levels are passable this time?
I kind of like this event but I also hate how long the battles are. I especially hate that the best way to win is dumb stuff like this:

They will need a battle fatigue ability such that all the enemy troops become flyers after some rounds. :D
Incredibly hard event, this is getting lame.
I should have figured this out from doing WG over the years, but can someone tell me how the gate works?
If I have a unit standing in front of the gate, does that prevent it from opening?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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