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remove elo system from cg


Authorremove elo system from cg
as a high elo cg player it has now become unplayable to play anything other then duels since im matched with >900 elo players almost exclusively and they make brain dead coma patients look like 160+ iq people. there is literally nothing interesting in the game except some events and pvp and the majority of it is now killed by these low elo players getting paired with high elo players and absolutely ruining games. pair the idiots with themselves and give me some high elo games. playing pvp with at least half brain people would be nice for a change.

in league of legends or other competivive elo games you dont pair a challenger player with a bronze player. shit is rediculous
where I can see teammate Elo?
Does this system exist in game?
I asked few people and all claim matching is random however I have serious doubts.
I am playing duels for around month now. I simply almost do not meet people with ranking 800-900, while people with similar rank or much higher I meet sometimes 2-3 times per day.
system is in place for 2vs2 and mixed. so if i have 1500 elo i get a 900 elo partner vs 2 1200 elo opponents.

this is bad because the 900 elo player is basically deadweight in most cases so i am forced to play 1vs2 against 2 decent players.
Unless they've changed it recently i've not noticed specific high low balancing. There are more players with 900 than 1500+ so by random chance you are more likely to get them than high ELO players.

I do agree that the ELO system in this game is not very good, there should be ranked high ELO fights or random. Not this weird in between system. The game should have ranked where rewards are based on ELO.
How about duels? You sure it doesnt work there ?
Problem is there aren't really enough players to balance it all out perfectly
for merlin36:true but before elo system at least 50% of cg games were good games with skilled players. now ALL my cg partners are brain dead chimpanzees and i have to 1vs2 if i play 2vs2 or mixed. i guess its fine since im just doing mirror duels but sometimes i would like to actually play decent pvp games.
I noticed the same problem, fortunately I lost elo when i switched faction. I reallly wish that would be two leagues in this game, like when you end up week with lower than 1200 elo you only get paired with people lower with 1200 elo. That way newbies could train without ruining other people games.
basically what I mean people lower with 1200 elo only play with people lower than 1200 elo, people over 1200 elo play only with other people over 1200 elo
Yeah this is a good suggestion @Vitzyas
for Vitzyas:
not good, it reduces my win%
for Marco Reus:

It unfortunately doesn't work that way as much as you would like. Being at 1400+ ELO and getting a sub-900 ELO teammate while getting 2 1200+ opponents is almost always a loss. Like slayer said, it might as well be a 1v2 at that point. The sub-900 teammate's opponent quickly defeats your teammate and then you have to fight both because the sub-900 didn't do enough before defeat.
i swear sometimes i feel like i lose brain cells watching these 800 elo players pilot their troops in pvp XD

for the love of god keep them out of my games. have the noobs play amongst themselves

i know im toxic as fk but these people are on my team EVERY FKIN GAME!!! SAVE ME!!
it is literally impossible to not lose your mind when you get 750 elo teammate who has shit items, playing worst faction by far, and shit talents and casting most useless spells throughout the game.

i didnt even know 750 elo was possible.
have the noobs play amongst themselves

truly this would be better, as it allows them to get better instead of being absolutely destroyed by someone with better equipment, stats, tactics in the first 10 moves

Did they remove elo matching system?
truly this would be better, as it allows them to get better

Not really, if you're playing against a bad player you can get away with bad moves, and so you don't need to learn to get better?
Not really, if you're playing against a bad player you can get away with bad moves, and so you don't need to learn to get better?

My belief is that these players do not fully understand the mechanics of the game as it relates to CG strategy. From their placement to their early moves, none of them are good. At least in a fight of their peers, they would likely survive long enough to make some good moves and learn from them.

In a fight where their opposition is 300+ elo higher than them, they often don't have the chance to make bad moves because of the stat difference and the type of faction they're playing against. Elves, DE, Classic Dwarf will all remove their opponents from the game very quickly.

And even if they don't learn to get better, at least they are not causing any frustration. Bad players probably get frustrated with getting dominated by someone who has better equipment, strategy, stats, etc. Good players are frustrated by having to fight a 1v2 after their weak teammate is gone.
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