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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Your boys are back in town.

Reasons why you should join:
One of the cheapest depository in the empire.
A great discord server to chat, get/give help, and make lasting friends!
Growing event prize pool, over 200k for the last few events.
Chance to make a difference and shape the clan, opportunity to do as much as you wish!
What we need from you:

5k to cover the invite fee
Your best roasting abilities to keep the clan leadership in check (igles can't do it all on his own)
No pressure to play events, clan battles etc, but activity is greatly appreciated of course!
If you want to become the lords of war & money, you should join us. But we don't limit ourselves to only that, you can also become the lords of magic & muscles too.
The possibilities are endless and yours to discover!!

(igles can't do it all on his own)
PS eagles can't do anything on his own
Whereas you do it alone at least twice a day isn't that right?
Never alone when in ID ;)

Blackbeard is sailing around. Beware!!
Never alone when in ID ;)

Not sure how to feel about that xD

Not sure how to feel about that xD

Safe and sound of course :))
Big effort from our members to pull 2000 points out of the last few hours of the event. May only have got us to 73rd but proud of the efforts :)
Thank you to everyone who participated.

About 250k was distributed to all players who played the event. Onwards to Dungeon Caves now :)
Almost within top 75, another big push needed to finish off the event strongly
another big push
or many small ones, up to the clan :D
Waiting for you to get of 0 points bro
72, nice and steady, getting closer to our goal
Congratulations to all on the 74th finish :)

Rewards have been sent out, enjoy that to the addition of admins load of gold
is there anyone that actually enjoys the admins load? :Topkek:
Thaidye.. people have been blocked for less
Depo has been expanded by 10 slots! This means we can offer even more items at some of the cheapest rates in the game!
for thaidye15:

is there anyone that actually enjoys the admins load? :Topkek:

I'd admit their gold load is enjoyable thaidye... to an extent. I wouldn't really go further :p

for merlin36:
Depo has been expanded by 10 slots!
Great job securing a spot within top 74 MCs!
We're getting better & better at this event thingy
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