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account hacked

Authoraccount hacked
I logged into this account (my brothers account) to get the rewards for him incase he wanted to play again i saw that the account had a million gold for some reason. then i went to the transfer logs to see somebody logged into the account 1-2 days ago and started selling and trading the accounts stuff and giving large amounts of gold to other players these players are: and Chaos spell. luckily i was able to log in before the switched the password so i am trying to stay in the account as long as possible. worse come to worse im going to shovel all the money to those 3 accounts to get them banned, because this is not right to the game. you don't hack somebody's account. i just want the account back but if its not possible i understand. i just want those 3 accounts banned.
would not let me type the other name it starts with a C, must be a bad word in that language, -alastor is the second name other than chaos spell
just look at the transfer logs of this account Warider, it shows it all
десница короля is also another player added to the list of players receiving gold from warider account
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