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1 Gold Rentals?

Author1 Gold Rentals?
Am I not mistaken but renting off a friend is a financial assist for 1 gold?

2024-04-28 21:03: Received 1 Gold from Беорн: Комплект авантюриста в крафте в долг на 4 боя по 10500/бой

Adventurers set on loan 10500 CPB x4
2024-04-28 19:46: Received 1 Gold from Беорн: Комплект акционки по 2400/бой в долг на 10 боев

Same with donation set, 2400 CPB x10
fyi you may frequently also see set lenders lease for 1 gold and then get payment after depending on how many battles were used.

Idk the situation fully here but this piece of information may be useful.
for Hapkoman:
Why is that? To avoid empire 1% tax or?
for bobsrevenge999:
In a way I guess.

What it does is you don't have to return gold for any unused battles as they just pay for the used battles after they used it. Sometimes for clan pvp you may get an artifacts dura not lost or no battle happens so each time having to return and receive gold back is daunting for both sides (and ofc that 1% empire tax from the back and forth)
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